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Feel free to check out our Forums by clicking the link at the top menu of the site, we have over 10,000 Active members in the community and growing every single day! We also have the most FEATURE RICH live chat room we call "The Trollbox" where you can jump right in and talk with other Cryptocurrency enthusiasts who are also online.

  • Are you the Bitcoin Official on youtube?

  • Hey. what new icos should I look out for?

  • any news about mtm reload asset ?

  • Use the email address i registered this account with. Talk to you soon.

  • Please contact me in private.

  • rick said i need eth to start peepeth accout


  • hi i am not receiving the activation email to gmail or yahoo or to any email. please fix the bug in your server...

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IYUgduOeXuA
  • hello al could some one help me out with some burst coins ill give them all back and some more to BURST-SZZR-BZ6R-2PEC-3MJ4M
  • Hey Adam I have offer for You. Your new very nice house. Just if You come BACK.
  • I am not able to download the Blago's miner because my antivirus said that it was a virus. I don't want to disable my antivirus and I want to make sure that the program runs without interruption. I have researched and people are saying that there is no virus. How do I allow the download properly?
  • BURST-5M8T-WCJK-XGCN-6HSF8 1 burst needed i will return
  • Hi. I wanted to ask you something. Can I use BURST logo for marketing purposes? Im making store with cryptocurrency accesories like clothing etc and wanted to do something with BURST :)
  • HI everyone i am new to this i have Burstcoins in Bittrex but am not able to transfer funds to Burstwallet can any one help me so that i can start my mining please my address: BURST-GCHK-SBYC-F3X8-HHP6M
  • I tried to send Bursts from my Burst Nation wallet. I tried to 2 different exchanges: Poloniex and Bittrex, but it doesn't allow me. Are there any problems/bugs/errors with Burst wallets that I'm not aware of?
  • hello mr burst i wish to start mining it would be of great help for me if you can send some bursts to get wallet set up and start mining. BURST-PBQ6-VNXA-EN5S-GVSXP
  • Hello Mr. MisterBurst, Please help me some bitcoins as I lost my all investments in BCC. kindly take my btc address: "373QfUH1964hxcZSmkojjWA7N5CPdcu4QN" My email id: [email protected] Waiting for your reply. Thank you, Best regards, Prasad Chaitanya
  • Hello MrsBurst from august 16th 2017 I made a transfer from Poloniex to Bittrex of Big amount of Burst Coin at the moment I dont receive a burst in my bittrex wallet Can you help me with some info how is the procedure to recover this coin I cvheck everyday and still the transaction in the burst explorer now with 55600 confirmations but not delivery it ,Everybody who I told before they told me if is was good my addres I checked a lots of times is everything ok , Please I need some help , long time waiting and loosing the hope to recover this funds
  • Hey Mr. burst I started aquiring burst back in august from watching you on youtube. I Was having issues loging into my wallet but I figured it out thanks anyways
    • I figured it out its the passphrase you need to log on but that does not seem right let me know if I should change that .
  • So new to bitcoinstacks, trying my first post. Question is whether the bitcoinstacks faucet under Burst Tools is a working faucet? I completed my 3/3 offers but the page keeps wanting me to complete more offers to unlock the page. Anybody have any thoughts, advice or experience with this? Trying to get my first bursts to start plotting. BURST-9KYA-DPYM-DSL2-6L759 Someone replied to my post above and recommended I contact an "administrator", which you appear to be, notwithstanding the richest guy on the list =) Not asking for Burst, but instead what I should do in this instance as the faucet clearly isn't visible to me because it is covered by the "complete more offers" window. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks so much.
  • hi, i watched ur videos on youtube n here i am. ploting isnt going fine as its supposed to bd.e pls share me some burst for the main time . BURST-7LQC-DS4D-JDMF-ECN9U
  • Hi Mr. Burst I need you help with 1Burst to get me start up. I cant seem to get it right the first time. Please help ! I will not forget you after i get some in my account . Thank you for your help. BURST-DF9D-EJWP-9YDU-HRF9N
  • Hi MisterBurst, I hope to build a 240TB Mine Rig for Burst, Is there someone who can advise on a list of hardware which I can buy to build this rig ? Thank you very much for your help.
  • hi i need ur help
  • Hey dude. New to burst. Love playing on bitsler and want to try betting with some burst. Just trying to have some fun with some. Many people arent big on donations but I am willing to work for some burst if you have any tasks you would like me to do. BURST-2AV8-25WF-7L4M-6SMUF
  • Hello MR.Burst, Im new here so, can you help me with some burst ? Thanks in advance BURST-EC2K-59MF-ZRT5-ANNLZ
  • I justed finished the hard drive plotting and now i'm crying because i cant find an active faucets site. I hope there is anybody out there who could support me, please. :) MY BURST: BURST-LV7J-6DA2-BSW6-9MFU8 Also: Do you have any recommendations for a pool? Thank you very much