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  • Hi Craig......thanks for making your video's! I am really digging Burst and all the things attached to it. Very cool and I would never have learned about it without your assistance.
  • Hey Craig found burst through you - been following you on youtube for like 6 months. I love your outlook and "flow" and a little magic thrown in is always gravy. Thanks for doing you mane and sharing your views and experiences so authentically.
    • happy to know you know the flow :)
    • Of course! Have Fun. Be Happy and go with the Flow... I think I need to make you a T-shirt!!
    • Seriously to expand just a bit - more people in crypto need a better outlook. There's so much greed and fear around the space it's just refreshing to see you in the Flow. Thanks!
    • Yo Craig - let me know if you are feelin this or tell me how to tweak. I'm going to put together a shirt for you and send it to you. If you approve, I'd like to add it to my store @ Can you PM me your address so I can send it to you?
  • thanks for telling me about burst. trying to figure out how to sell steem to get burstcoins
    • transfer the steem to and sell it for bitcoin, then use the bitcoin to buy burstcoin on poloniex. If that's too hard you can send me the steem and i send you burstcoin in exchange
    • thanks for the reply craig, ill try it out. Do you think i should wait cashing out? steemrate is so low at the moment
  • how long do casino asset orders take to go through? its now 20hrs and still pending.
  • hey Craig just bought some as my first trade buy and not even sure if i bought correct or not as you know im not a trader and they are pending to buy i guess, 1purchase was 20asset @100 and the other was 18assets @300 which i think the 2nd purchase was a bad buy i should of looked for more one @100, please advise and let me know if its okay.
  • Thank you for posting about Burst on Steemit! Your video led me here.
  • Got your words on Assets. ;)
  • Hey craig, just saw the tip thanks bud!! really appreciate it! I was only joking around but hope my idea helped!!
  • It turns out it was YOUR video post on Steemit that brought me here! Thank you!