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  • Hello I noticed my crowd funding thread was disabled just wondering what I can do to help show you guys this is a valid REAL company and not a scam? Any advise would be appreciated Matthew Adamson AdamsonCorp Adamson Corporation - 160TB Burstcoin Mining Plant #1 Expression of Interest (beginners & intermediates)
  • Hey man... found you looking at the forums, on a beginers tread that you linked to Crypto-Bits some time ago (saw it down thereV) but i have been having some dificulties while trying to set up my account/minning. 1) after tiping the passfrase at my local wallet it takes several minutes before it actualy logs in, is this normal? 2) Do i need any Burst to actually start mining? i folowed the tutorial but could not get any Burst from faucets... all the links on the wallet are dry, the one that actually has Burst on it (http://burstcoin.biz/faucet) says i have already claimed burst on my account, but my account is still empty, so nope. 3) Do i need burst to Choose a pool to mine? if i do, how am i supossed to start since the faucet bugged out on me? xD 4) When i try to change the reward assignment i get error5, is it lack of Burst? or something else? 5) Since i am new, i ploted only 200GB of space, to try to see how things work... can you recomend one pool for me? the Pool Overview link has a lot but i did not manage to enter any, perhaps because of question 3. I know, it is a lot, sorry to bother and thank you for your time.
    • First check out the How To's, lots of help in there. If that doesn't solve it, please open up a thread specifying your questions like you did above. Thanks
  • Hey where do i post my mining screenshot for your pool? Thank You
  • I thought I was following you this whole time fixed that !
  • BurgerBaron, Hello, my name is Ron, my Bro-In-Law and myself are new to the mining thing, Miss Estie suggested that you have a mining pool going, and have a 26 page information package that might help us get set up and going, any recommendations would be helpful, thanks, Ron
    • Hey Ron! Welcome (also to your bro-in-law) to bitcoinstacks :). I would advise to look at this thread first: https://www.bitcoinstacks.com/wbb/index.php?thread/2-getting-started/&postID=7893#post7893 The How To section comes in very handy! You can always ask if anything isn't clear.
  • hey man, news deleted why
  • Hi BurgerBaron have you seen the thread on unconfirmed deadlines in the pool i and others have been getting a lot if unconfirmed dl you stop miner and restart it and it confirms any idea what the cause is thank you
    • I did have some messages about that yeah, haven't seen the thread, can you give me a link? I will try to let someone take a look at it, don't think you should worry though, but it is inconvenient.
    • Thanks https://www.bitcoinstacks.com/wbb/index.php?thread/1153-not-confirmed-dl-s/&pageNo=1
  • I am thinking of switching to this pool, I know you started a little while back. I have 50TB rig. If I join now, do you still give shares to the asset etc liked mentioned in the post?
  • Hi just a quick question im a member of the club how do i load my prospector banner please
    • The easiest thing is just to right click the banner from the OP of the thread, 'save as', then upload the image when customizing your signature ;)
  • Hi BurgerBaron I added you to my follow list and ask you do the same! Thanks again!
  • Thank you for a quick response to the pool down great work thats why i love and promote burstmining club
  • what is the recommended hard drive size for mining with the club?
  • What is the uniburst asset #?
  • Hello Burger Baron ;)
    • I can whip up some BURST Fried for the burger hehehe
    • Oh don't get me started on the sauces we would have to make, drinks. We'd have to choose what kind of music we would put on while frying all those wonderfull foods....man oh man
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