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    they said something about a fork that is close and after that we, the ones who are using other pools like i use burstmining,club, will be on a different blockchain and our coins will be worthless and not accepted by exchanges(or something like that). can u please tell us what we should do next ? i am not planning to use their pools with my 170tb

    Nothing need to be done at all. Our pools will still work as they worked before. They just talk a lot of shit.

    I wonder when this pool support Dy maxion? At some point miners would mine for nothing if the pool does not support Dymaxion when it goes live, right?

    Thats wrong, its the other side around. We'll go with the exchanges. When Burst is supported by the exchanges without dymaxion we'll support that. We might offer dual Mining but Burstcoin will be our main "Pool / Currency" and not a useless fork.


    Sorry those Pools aren't supported by us, we have no controll over it so we can't really help you with those pools. Feel free to check out the Pool categories for the supported pools.

    So I'm brand new to burst. Finishing getting linux mint working on a machine right now and have some big drives that will be available in a few days. At the moment I have a 1tb available to start on until I get my other drives.

    So is everything fine with this pool now? I saw something on the other page about a big update and change of address? Just making sure what urls and such to use in the config file. Can I just go by whats on the first page? Thanks for any help. Trying to learn linux the past few days has me already wanting to punch stuff. I got creepminer installed finally.... Now just to google about mapping the drive, which I think isnt too bad.

    The "URL" never changed, only the UI wasn't displayed under the Url without Port for a few hours.
    Yes you can go by whats on the first page.

    badcatsclaws it looks alright. Of course you won't find every block a deadline. The more plotted Hdd-Space you have the higher is your chance for a Deadline. Ofc Burst isn't a thing that makes you rich overnight. Mine Burst, Hold them, and sell them when they're high and you'll be happy about it :)


    Hi Everyone, what would be a better option for mining with 6tb? a 50-50 or 0-100 pool? which would I make more in the long run with?


    I would suggest you give a regular 60/40 pool a try first. At the end what usualy happens more is uptime / performance of the pool then "how" they pay. Check the Pools History, and who runs them, If the Pool is only 1 Month old and was already offline for a week it might not be the best choice as you'll loose money when its done. Get a Pool that is run by a party you can trust that pays you for your shares. As a Pool owner, yes things happen you can't prevent every downtime, even if you have 3+ Backup wallets and so on.. but the question is, will it be online again quickly or will it be offline for days? Thats an important fact as otherwise you'll loose those days unless you react quickly and switch. At the end its up to you, find the pool that matches you, feel free to check out the Pool section for further info about Pools.