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    Hello FloriDah ,

    welcome to BURST Nation, it is a great place.

    If you need help just ask and someone will help.

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    Introduce Yourself While Still Remaining Anonymous if You So Please.

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    It is invested into me, exactly as it says in the op. I am the asset that people are more than willing to invest in.

    No need to correct you, in fact you are 100% correct, just that last weeks payout I decided to spice it up for all of you by adding $4081 US DOLLARS worth of burst at current value, from my trading to your payout just to make you all big time happy and mind=blown since it was the last of 2 100% payouts.

    I love my MTM Gaming and I know what I have gotten into. I know that the payouts are awesome. I did do the math and that is why I have held on to mine and I try to get more when I can.

    A lot of people don't do there research and they just buy, buy, buy. I just think that this is a great opportunity for, for all of us my self included, to understand what is happening with there investments. It needed to be less aggressive.

    <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3I LOVE ALL MY ASSETS<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

    Thank you MisterStacks I knew that you would give me a answer, you have always open the door to questions. I just wanted to calm down the situation. Often, emotions clouds our judgment and I don't think that we need to poor gas on the fire,

    I believe that there is no dumb question and all questions deserve a answer.

    Thank you


    guys have a look at the MTMgaming account


    8 million went to polo even tho mtmgaming is supposed to gamble on casino not trade on polo.

    As a asset holder I think this is a valid question. The phrasing might be aggressive, but it is valid.

    However, the payout do not come from that wallet. The wallet used for the payout is this one BURST-P93E-7ZWA-DXL7-CNZU2 .

    Why come in here and start trouble ?

    Like I said the phrasing might be aggressive, but it is a valid question and it is in the MTMGamin.

    We have the right to know were our money is invested. People ask this kind of questions about the assets all the time.:) This should not be a big deal, but Razie should have expressed himself differently.

    Let me start by saying I did not look at the transactions, I'm going with what you wrote.

    I think this is looking for trouble where there is none. MTMGaming pays on the profit Adam makes in the casino. You really think he needs to deposit 8 millions in the casino to make any profits? And if he doesn't need that much, you would want him to sit on them and not make any investements with HIS Burst? Why would we care about what he does with HIS Burst as long as he keeps paying the dividends on his Burst Casino profits every week (which he does)?!

    I did get into this asset, for my part, after doing research and I also was under the impression that is was a gambling asset only. I went back and read the asset description and there is no mention of trading, as far as I can see. Correct me if I am wrong.

    As for the rest I couldn't care less what he does with his money. 8o

    I am holding on to all my assets and when I can, I will get more this is the time to stock up.8o

    The same happens when BTC goes up all the other alts go down, when BTC goes down the other alts go up ( generally speaking).;)

    This is normal and this is the risk you take by investing in something that has a fluctuating price.