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    Last month, rapper Soulja Boy, best known for his infamous rap track "Crank That" let the world know about

    He has been busy recording a new album, Young Drako, which was released today October 4, 2018, surprise surprise, one of tracks is called "Bitcoin"

    Who would have thought? Could this all have been some elaborate plan of action to make bitcoin popular with a certain demographic and have other artists in this same demographic follow suit and create a viral effect of every hiphop/rap head talking about and buying bitcoin and other crypto?

    Soon you will all find out. What is in the works here is something larger than most can possibly imagine. Our advice is, just buy and hodl for now because once the green candles start lighting up, it will be a real race to the top with no looking back.

    TL DR? Soulja Boy is just one of the artists that are set to release tracks in the hiphop/rap scene that promote bitcoin and crypto. A very busy next few months ahead and we will be watching the reactions as it all unfolds.

    Media Inquiries:

    Only 5k burst was mined, about $55 worth , so no way to payout at such a loss, this is the first time ever that the og gadget has become useless at this point after a solid 2 year run.

    At least it goes down in the history books as the longest running and always paying every single payout date asset that ever existed on the blockchain. Of course it had to be mine, since I make epic things happen.

    It's been a slice but it's dead now.

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    By Adam Guerbuez

    August 15, 2018

    Here we are once again, as you may remember in the previous fake hack claims I covered in the last article "The Bitfi Wallet Hack has Proven To Be a Hoax! Two Infosec Experts caught red handed" just nine days ago, now the same guys behind the fake hacks have done it again!

    Stories have been popping up in every possible crypto media news site and even many trusted mainstream media publications about how the Bitfi wallet has once again been HACKED and bitcoin stolen from it! Sounds scary right? Well of course it does. Did it actually happen? Prepare to be awakened.

    A Bitfi customer who uses the name Poisonz on Twitter was arguing with these "hackers" who were insisting that they had hacked the wallet even though it was proven to not be the case (see the story here on bitcoinstacks from last week linked above) so, in the heat of the moment, Poisonz decided to take a photo of his Bitfi wallet while it was on the screen showing his Salt and Password and since it was all Glared and unreadable in the photo, he tweeted at the hackers with the photo attached and told them to try and hack his coins out of his wallet.

    Ok I am no hacker myself, but let us be real, that was a very stupid move, since it is not hard at all to load that photo into software that can allow anyone to manipulate the color, reverse/remove colors, change the brightness and so much more. It was only a matter of time before someone did it and revealed his Secret Salt and Passphrase, all that anyone needed to get in his wallet and steal his bitcoin, he handed it right over to them with a smile thinking he had done Bitfi proud with such a wonderful demonstration of human stupidity. The "hackers" examined and manipulated the clarity of the photo and posted his sacred Salt and passphrase in mere minutes.

    Here was the instant reaction from the "Hackers" paying attention to his tweet and challenge.

    As we can clearly see, they took the photo and manipulated it to be able to see the PRIVATE credentials needed to access the bitcoin in "Poisonz" wallet and do as they please with them. They did not hack the Bitfi wallet at all, they took advantage of Human Stupidity when "Poisonz" handed the credentials right over to them.

    What followed was the Tweet from Daniel Gallagher, letting "Poisonz" know his funds were now emptied out.

    Further conversion continued, this time with Andrew Tierney aka Cybergibbons, (Remember him from the first story on Bitcoinstacks about the fake hack claims?) this time affirming that all that was done, was playing with a photo of the Private credentials needed to access the bitcoin (no hacking of any wallet.. just in case you reading this still do not get it)

    Cybergibbons stepped into a discussion today that was questioning the big Bitfi HACK where bitcoins were stolen that all the media has been publishing Headline Stories about for the past couple of days since they were all contacted by these Hacker Trolls on a mission to defame the bitfi wallet.

    He Justifies that Coins clearly can be stolen, the "hackers" proof is that they were stolen from Poisonz wallet.

    He is not lying, indeed these guys did access the wallet because they were Handed over the Secret Credentials by the wallet owner, the wallet was NOT hacked, never was, yet the media clearly did not do their research as we at BitcoinStacks did to realize without a doubt that this HACK is actually no hack at all. However so far, not one media source has retracted their false and misleading headlines of the Bitfi wallet being hacked and coins stolen from it. We all know that if they told the truth that "poisonz" gave a lightly distorted photo of his bitfi wallet with his secret info needed to access his funds to the hackers, it would make for a funny, but boring and non sensational story.

    Now how will the media respond to this? Will they do the right thing and issue public RETRACTIONS and correct their reports to reflect that the Bitfi wallet has not been hacked and bitcoins stolen from it, rather that they were trolled into writing such headlines by a group of individuals who have been trying to smear the product's reputation since it's release?

    Will there be legal action taken against the media if they do not react in a timely fashion, by Bitfi Inc?

    In the meantime, The Unhackable Bitfi wallet to keep your coins safe from hackers (providing you do not willingly hand over your password credentials LOL) is still selling for the ultra low price of $120 over at

    Too Long Didn't Read Version (TLDR):

    Hackers tell media that they Hacked bitcoins from someone's bitfi wallet, media believes them. What actually happened is the owner of the wallet tweeted a photo he took of himself holding his Bitfi wallet in hand, the photo was at first glance, blurry and hard to see any of the private password and salt info to allow anyone to access his coins. However in this day and age, there are easy to use programs anyone can download that adjust photos, colors, light and pretty much all elements of the image. These "Hackers" took the photo and did just that, in minutes, they could see the info in the photo they needed to access the wallet and they did. They moved his coins out and tweeted about it. The Bitfi wallet was NEVER hacked and coins stolen. Human stupidity on the part of a wallet owner, sharing crucial information online, caused him to have his coins emptied from his Bitfi wallet.

    Media Inquiries

    A turn of events in the Bitfi wallet saga has info security people worldwide feeling salty after they promised to show that the wallet could be hacked and the coins stolen. They failed miserably and ended up playing video games on the wallet and became an embarrassment to their peers very quickly. Media world wide, continued to cover the news of the Bitfi wallet being manipulated to enable someone to play games on it and still a 100% affirmation that any coins in the wallet are UNHACKABLE.

    Today, Bitcoin developer Peter Todd stepped in to confront these delusional hackers claiming victory because they played a video game on the bitfi device. Did they hack the device and steal any coins from it? Nope. Did they compromise the safety of bitfi wallet owners worldwide? Nope. Did they help to further ensure and prove to the world that the bitfi wallet is actually SAFE to keep your coins and not have to worry about hackers accessing them? Indeed they did.

    Several days ago there were several news headlines claiming that the infamous Bitfi hardware wallet to store bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies had been successfully HACKED, turned out to be a clear hoax and of course the $250,000 bounty offered by Bitfi to anyone that could successfully HACK the Unhackable wallet and retrieve the coins in it, was never claimed.

    The media however did not investigate the claims and simply based their headlines on the sheer judgement of the credentials of the two hackers in question that were aggressively tweeting about their successful hack. Let's take a look at who these two individuals are and their credentials within the infosecurity/hacker community first.

    Meet Ryan Castellucci.

    Ryan, who seems to identify as NON-BINARY takes offence to being labeled as a MAN so we will refer to him simply as Ryan in this article and not trigger him by attaching any particular sex to him based on his birth certificate and or genitalia he was born with.

    The second individual is Andrew Tierney - Security consultant at Pen Test Partners

    The Original Tweet that started the media circus of headline news about the Bitfi wallet belonging to Andrew being successfully hacked and the funds emptied of it's funds by Ryan Castellucci

    What we see here is a photo of a monitor showing an apparent memory dump and two sets of numbers at the bottom. Following this tweet recently, Andrew posted an explanation of what those two sets of numbers were. He claims that they are the Seed he created for his Bitfi Wallet and the passphrase he created. Every user of a Bitfi wallet must create their own very unique Seed and Pass to keep their funds safe, the instructions provided by Bitfi to all customers who buy a wallet makes it clear that you need to make totally random sets of seed and pass that is not simple to crack and they provide you with a dice in the package to help with ultimate randomization when constructing both seed and pass. Clearly Andrew did not even try to make an effort to create a unique and hard to crack seed and pass.

    So far, things may seem sloppy and a mere photo of some data on a monitor does not prove any hack was even done. But things took a turn for the worse when Ryan admitted to NEVER EVEN HAVING A BITFI WALLET in his hands. He simply claims that Andrew sent him this data, showing the Seed and Pass that he chose and Ryan then "Hacked" Andrew's Wallet and took the money out of it!

    Now, wait a darn second here. So Ryan hacked a Bitfi wallet, took the funds out, yet he never even had a wallet in his hands to hack?

    So we are to understand that he hacked the bitcoin out of Andrew's wallet, after Andrew sent Ryan an image of code gibberish and below the gibberish was Andrew's Chosen Seed and Passphrase. This claim of hacking the wallet is so ridiculous that it is on par with a friend of mine giving me his car keys and I walk over to his vehicle and open the door, start the engine and drive away with it.

    When Ryan was confronted by John Mcafee about the Fake Hacking Claim that he and Andrew were spreading and the media has been covering, Ryan stated that since Bitfi could not PROVE that the wallet could not be hacked and that since NOBODY hacked it yet, does not mean it's unhackable.

    Yes, this is two days after Ryan claimed he hacked Andrew's wallet, now he admits "Nobody hacked it, yet"

    Yet the mainstream media and crypto media have not even taken the time to follow up on this collaborated fake Bitfi hack and the headlines have stayed the same. Only BitcoinStacks so far is exposing this stunt to the world for all to see and come to their own conclusion. It is important to also understand that Neither Ryan or Andrew have collected any bounty money and the $250k reward still stands for anyone who can actually prove they hacked the coins off of a pre funded device sent to them from Bitfi as per their bounty details clearly laid out here

    BitcoinStacks is proud to expose this HOAX to the public and especially to anyone who was considering buying a Bitfi wallet and may have been swayed by media coverage of the Hack hoax to hold back on their purchase.

    You can buy a Bitfi today with confidence and keep your Bitcoin and Altcoins Safe and Sound with the world's first truly Unhackable Hardware cryptocurrency wallet at the very low price of $120 over at