Cryptocurrency for prisoners.

  • What if we could find a way that people in prison could spend their free time doing something to generate cryptocurrency? Or doing something in exchange for a token with value in the real world that they could spend on housing and other needs while getting back on their feet. The prison industrial complex in America is such a twisted system designed to keep you trapped in it to create money and do slave labor. I feel like this could be extremely helpful. I don't know exactly how it could be implemented, I feel like the intelligent minds of reddit may be able to help. They could spend their time doing simple proof of work algorithms by hand and verifying each other's work, or possibly we could find a way for them to use the tablets that are now provided in some prisons. To be completely legal they wouldn't be allowed to have any access to the funds until they were released as inmates aren't allowed to hold currency. Many prisoners turn to selling drugs in the prisons to have some money for themselves when they get out, which often extends their sentence. If there is any community that I feel would stand with this it's the community of decentralization. I would love to hear your thoughts.

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