Living in the U.S and Running a Scam on the BURST Asset Exchange? Prepare To Be REKT - HUGE News! MUST READ FOR ALL!

  • Did you get scammed out of your hard earned money when you invested in an asset that was issued by someone living in the USA? Well the great news is that finally, the SEC and CFTC have just started to take down the scamming bastards who make a living by decieving innocent people into investing in their schemes that they can not sustain or maintain or are a flat out ponzi.

    This is huge news, since now there is a HUNT on for information on such offenders and the agencies have gone after their first target. He is a New York Resident who ran an investment based on crypto trading and suckered in just 80 people, he made $600k usd and now is getting a whole world of REKT due to these new advancements. Let's take a look at an exerpt from FORBES magazine, here is the link to see the full article.…tcoin-scams/#1aa32eaf7290

    He told his investors he was running a "fund with a super duper trading algo" LOL Sounds familiar to anyone here?

    Let's take a look at the press release from the SEC now.

    Take a close look and you will see where SEC makes it clear that they are going after "Violations involving distributed ledger technology" Quite simply, for those of you that do not understand what that means, it means Assets run on the BURST Asset Exchange, since they fall under that catagory.

    This is the time where if you are based and living in the United States of America and you have fleeced people out of their money on the BURST Asset Exchange.

    Let's take a look at just one of the such scams that falls into the exact definition given in the above article that reads " Early investors are paid from the cash generated by newer investors until the scheme falls apart."

    The Scam asset we are looking at in this example is or was known as "worldmine" on the BURST asset exchange. The Issuer raised a reported $130,000 USD from a Spanish Investor, then the Issuer (Crowetic) pushed the asset to the forums telling everyone to go buy shares of it, in effect bringing in more investors and the spanish investor was assured that he would be recieving dividends regularly. It has been reported that the primary investor was sent several dividend payments, however as with all ponzi schemes the spanish investor stopped recieving dividends as did all the other investors and excuses were given by the issuer as to why he could not pay and he even had the audacity to make a video, esentially LAUGHING in the faces of all the people he fucked out of hundreds of thousands of dollars by saying "Look at my Ponzi"

    He believed in his mind, that since it's cryptocurrency based, he would just walk away and move onto the next scam with his partners in crime who have done the same shit and continue to do the same in different communities. The part where he rubbed it in the investors faces, laughing at them by bragging that it was a ponzi is the real final nail in the coffin. Here is a Remix video made for all to enjoy of Crowetic laughing at all of you as he makes jokes about his ponzi. Both videos that this remix footage has been taken from are archived and available to anyone needing them on youtube.

    Tell us how your asshole feels in comments below, that is if you believed in this con-artist as he sat there laughing at all of you, pointing fingers at Me, bitcoinstacks and anyone that questioned his ways or even questioned why they were not being paid on time etc. He played so many people and the guy who got pinched in the Forbes Article only had 80 investors in his ponzi, so think about it... Crowetic had a lot more than 80 victims, so you guys can be assured that with these new laws/regulations in hard effect, that a large scale operation like worldmine asset and any others (several) operated by Crowetic will give the SEC/CFTC the golden nugget they are hungry for right now, to show the public that they are serious and making examples out of people who run cryptocurrency investment scams that live in the USA.

  • Rub salt in the wounds BUMP.

  • Hmmmm........Reno Nevada is in the United States........

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  • Hmmmm........Reno Nevada is in the United States........

    Hmm , it is isn't it. I doubt anyone is going to take 15 seconds out of their day to give the SEC and CFTC a heads up though, it's not like anyone got ripped off enough to do such a thing....

    I mean It's crypto, expecting anyone to take it seriously would be a huge stretch.

  • As we all know Bitcoin was created with good attention, but when someone or group of individuals tries to hurt the crypto community. Consequently, the press and social media focus more on the negative aspect of scammers, than focusing on the positive aspect that people around the world can buy and exchange goods using Bitcoin. The more frequent of individuals become a victim from this type of scam, therefore, the government wants to infiltrate and control by establish their policies convincing everybody that they can stop it, but in reality they can't. Sure they can make arrest, but the damage is already being done. Just ask yourself what happening with Equifax. I know is a totally different topic.