• Good day Ladies and Gentlemen,
    A friendly hello from Durban, South Africa.

    This is my first mining experience, I've only been a part of the Crypto World for 10 days now. I love that burstcoin is x70 times for power efficient that bitcoin's blockchain.

    I'm into green friendly practices, the environment and ecology, this is my passion, I'm dedicated the rest of my carrier to the blockchain technology,

    I focus is not in Crypto Currencies or the blockchain per say but rather focusing on the emotional and ecological growth and value the blockchain can bring this planet earth and all the live and inhabit this planet.

    Geeks shall inherit the earth! For the Love of Open Source!!
    Thank you Universe, Humans are finally "waking up" and evolving socially and emotionally!

    Sorry! A little long and maybe intense for some.

    Getting a little off track there guys, I am very passionate, the fire and flames burn hot with in veins, pumping life and hope into the blockchain, not for me! but for everyone else. I'm interested in giving, interested in creating, I give to you, you give to me and I'll plant a tree and film it on youtube so everyone can see! I give to you, you give to me, now what a difference it would make if you also planted a tree!

    I have setup my name and have a public interaction / public key.
    Could one of you be so kind as to send me 1 burst to set my mining pool and start the mining process?
    I have 1.5tb plotted.


  • i am completely new to burst and would like some help to get started without having to buy burstcoins, any tips or advice is much apprechiated.

  • Hello everyone- my name is Brian, I'm a 28 year old web application developer from Chicago, Illinois. I've recently become more interested in the crypto market and with altcoins in general. I've been following Bitcoin since 2010 and I'm very excited to see it finally taking off. I always knew it had potential to be big.

    I'm looking forward to learning more about BURST, and to getting to know some of you here and making some new acquaintances. I'm intrigued by the concept of Proof of Capacity mining. I've been trying to set up my miner and plot-files but it seems I need a few coin and to do some more reading before I'm officially ready.

    I'm new to BURST- would anyone want to send me a BURST or 2 to get started? I received one from a faucet but apparently I need another to set my PubKey. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help. BURST-6ALR-3RPU-JZ9E-FPZCJ

    please feel free to contact me for any reason- I'm very easy to talk to!

    Thanks everyone,

    Brian Thomas Crawford

  • Hi Brian the Jaybyrd,

    Welcome:S to the World of Burst.

    I believe someone has already been kind enough to send you a few coins.

    Just in case you need more...

    Here are 4 Burst faucets:





    Keep trying until one works.:thumbup:

    Burst can be purchased at the following exchange sites:

    Poloniex, C-Cex, Bittrex, LiveCoin and BitSqare.

    Happy Bursting:*

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