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    List of Security Token Offerings. Listing STO with Analytics

    We are pleased to present for you - Security Tokens market and listing. The need for such a project has been evident for quite some time. You all know similar projects for ICO (Initial Coin Offering). However, STO requires a fundamentally different approach. Selling securities implies a much higher control of published offers. Listing STO should not be so simple - include mandatory checks of legal, economic and other aspects to eliminate the possibility of scam and violation of the law.

    During STO, companies offer crypto analogs of securities or stocks that are based on blockchain (Ethereum, NEO, EOS, etc.) technologies and represent a set of certain rights of holders of these securities, such as rights to a share in a company, receiving dividends, voting rights etc. is exactly such a service that hosts exclusively verified STO offers, and in the future will include basic and advanced analytic reviews of published STO projects, allowing everyone, even non-professional investors, to get all the information about security token offering in an accessible and understandable form. Thus, the digital economy of the future will receive an impetus to the early adoption and development.

    You can already test our project, which works in full mode, although it is still being developed. We will be happy to receive your feedback in order to make our service even better and more convenient for you.

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