ASSET - BURSTaker - (currently undergoing modifications)

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    BURSTaker is currently undergoing some changes, and instead of staking the coins that it is said to be in the original ANN, it will be staking OKcash, DMD, and a few others, also... the asset is getting GPU mining power backing it as well. Which is currently partially running, and will be fully running very soon.


    ASSET ID - 15208279992621279224

  • Thanks Crow!

    This is the asset I hold most of out of all the assets I purchased because I believe in the way it is run and now it's even better then before. Will you be adding any more staking coins Crow?

  • Cryptotrader85 Yes, there will be more staking coins added, as well as mining power, I'm working on that as we speak.

    BURSTaker payouts

  • The payouts will be scheduled for any time between Friday and Monday, as I can't guarantee which day I'll be able to do them for sure at this time, I'm in the middle of building quite a lot of stuff, so it's gonna be a little hectic while doing that.

    All of the payouts that I manage will happen any day between Friday and Monday. Thanks for your understanding.

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