Get Active and Win one of 10 Mini Burst Coin Mining Rigs!

  • Our First big giveaway consists of 10 brand spanking new mini Burst Coin Miners. They are very easy to use, contain Quad Core processors and run android OS. You simply plug them in to a power source, then attach a monitor or television to it using the hdmi port on the unit, then download the mobile mining burst software from the Google Play store and plot then mine coins 24/7 by joining a mobile pool.

    To win one of these little powerhouses, all you need to do is participate, post on the forums, follow threads and reply to the ones that concern you and engage with others here. By doing those things, your rank will increase automatically. You will go from being a beginner status to higher statuses (we will not spoil the fun by listing those status all here, they are automatically assigned to members based on activity etc)

    In the month of March, 2017, we will look at the members who have high rankings and choose 10 lucky ones from the bunch and contact you to notify you of your awesome prize!

    This is not a thread to discuss buying these units, or where you can buy them, so please keep the discussion to the promotion itself and only the promotion. Other posts will be deleted to not clutter up the thread that so many of you will be reading.

  • Can anyone participate? Even from outside US?

    Yes indeed, just you being an active member, you are already participating!

  • This is how you win with Mike !! BOS

    Balls of Steel

    Indeed, Big Boss Baller Betting right there, almost 1 million payout on one roll.