Contest Video | "PIVX Contest Video Rules, This Is How We Do It."| Vlog #5

  • "Hello my Burst Family,

    "Here is another one, "PIVX Contest Video Rules, This Is How We Do It."

    Video Contest PIVX Giveaway Rules!

    1. Only Comment on the Monday July 3, 2017 Video Contest To Enter. (One Comment Per YouTube Account Only).

    2. You Need To Be A Subscriber To My YouTube Channel and A Member of

    3. You need to provide a Link of The Monday Video Contest and Share it to any social media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and SteemiT….

    4. Put your PIVX Wallet Address just to make sure you have a PIVX Wallet setup or you could use Bittrex Exchange wallet for PIVX.

    5. You must have Join us on: with your Comment.

    6. Please Comment all of these into One Comment only! Don’t reply it to your main comment... Edit it or it will be deleted on the Final Day of Accepting Comments for This Contest!

    7. All Comments Must be in by Sunday, July 9, 2017 5PM PST! NO EXPECTIONS! I will not be accepting late submissions of comments for this Contest!

    *One Lucky Winer Will Win 15 PIVX From My YouTube Channel On Monday July 10, 2017.

    *I will be doing a Live Show on that Day Monday, July 10, 2017.

    *I will be checking the winner to make sure they followed all the rules and they are Subscribers and Have a Account!

    *If the Person Picked failed to follow any of the rules, we will be re-drawing again on that same day and on that same live feed until we get the correct Winner.

    *I will be giving The 15 PIVX to the Winner via (PIVXTIPBOT)!!! Everyone in PIVX Community will see that you won and will congrats you for Winning 15 PIVX from My YouTube Channel.


    I Love PIVX

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    Good Luck to All and My YouTube Supporters and My PIVX Family!

    Thank You,

    Sponsored by PIVX and Frances Reyes “This Is My Life.” YouTube Channel.

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