BEWARE: Crowetic and his web of lies and deceit

  • OK now, so enough is enough. Crowetic and his lies have gone on long enough. Let's dissect his latest Bullshit post, one of which I believe he truly believes himself.

    OK, so for the Ninja Pool v3.0 Code. I have been actively developping, yes you read right, DEVELOPING this latest code with the coder @catbref himself for the past 6 months now. Here is a screenshot of the development server:

    I will tell you what you see here. First you see the uptime of this particular server which is 152 days. Then you see the source files of the new code with timestamps and such. And finally the w command, which shows who is currently active. As you can see, my ip idle for 1 second and that of @catbref idle for 17 minutes, so development is still taking place.

    Having said that, Crow if anything happens to this development server, I will release all the recordings I have of you and you know what I am talking about.

    So people, after working side by side with the coder, setting up the infrastructure, and pointing miners, testing the pool for functionality, and finally reporting weekly on the Livestream of our progress, do you not believe that I had a very big part in the development of this software?

    Crow you useless turd, do you think that you can come in after having done SHIT FUCK ALL on this project and just take over like nothing was of it? If anyone would like I will post on pastebin the whole dev convo from discord so you all can see that crow did not even help once with development of the code.

    As for the code being distributed to all the pool owners in 2 months, believe you me that will not happen crow, I will make sure everyone gets a copy of it upon launch. Don't forget that this is just as much my development as it is catbref, except for one small difference: I have not gotten paid for it yet at all nothing...

    As for the ninja pool, maybe you should gibe it over to someone a lot more competent than IceBurst. He knows sweet fuckall on how to opearte a pool let alone Linux. His coding is average at best, that is when his code functions properly. People don't waste your time on this pool, as the new wallet does not work and it is not accepting submissions. That's right, your so called "Engineer" did not get it right.

    Here is your proof:

    As you can see the miner clearly won that block , but obviously the wallet is not working properly so not accepted. Wow, what an amazing engineer you have there, too bad he's just a lowly salesman.

  • Next up:

    Ok what the fuck is this crap, can you be any more vague and lie better than that? You have been spewing the same verbal diarrhea for months now, coming on the livestream and the only thing you can do is talk about uniburst, what about all your other assets that are colossal failures and bag holding money pots, your investors bag holding and you taking the money.

    Even yesterday, I had someone call me long distance cause they were worried about their investments with crowetic assets, and yes people are complaining. When people invest in assets they also invest in the person, something you are lacking, which is being present for your investors, showing them real tangible developments, not false hopes and dreams for you to setup and sell more shares.

    Yeah people, I will add a flux capacitor and the new 7 Petabyte drives to the asset, BULLSHIT, put up or shut the fuck up idiot.

    As for your new partnerships, wow 402 who is fucking the people of Burst over, IBmining which is struggling to keep up with the price of Burst because it is 100% based out of Burst and Lex4all, what can I say, at least Lex will make a good parrot for you as all he can do is repeat the bullshit that you make up.

  • Crowetic marketing

    Oh my god I just fell off my chair. What are you going to make videos of? You talking about what planned changes that you have in your head but will never bring to light about uniburst?

    You know dawallet is 100000% right on this one. Stick to what you know how to do and that is GPU miners. Stay the hell away from anything related to you showing your face as any type of LEADERSHIP role in this coin. That's right crow, what do you think, do you think you are actually seen as a leader anymore? Do you think people don't see that all you do is profit off the backs of other's work?

    Yeah I will repeat, stay the fuck away from the Burst Limelight or I promise you that I will let everyone know the person you really truly are, and unlike you and your puppets like Lex, I back everything I say with proof, not allegations and bullshit that you guys make up to try to steer the truth away from yourselves.

    And I have to add, that dawallet is taking this pretty well, cause I tell you this, if I were him, I would never accept to have you around, such a hypocritical bastard, you shit in haitch and dawallets face and then you run back there like a little bitch, crying injustice, crying wolf and playing the victim. Well, I'm glad they both see through your facade of Bullshit.

  • Next Up:

    OK Burst development. I and other key individuals have done ten times more for Burst Development in the last year than you have in the whole time of 3 years you have been with Burst, and I tell you this crow, there is no fucking way you are taking that away from me or any of the others.

    During all this fallout, I had asked you if you were taking over development to which your answer was NO, you have been doing a good job so far, even to the point of praising me:

    Final straw what crow? Because Adam was showing the people your mistakes and bad decision making. Oh, BTW thanks for the praise although it's kind of hypocritical on your part that you are actually bashing me now.... How funny is that, oh right, you don't need to step on me to further your agenda now.

    So now, you all of a sudden are in control of development but yet you are shutting devs out:

    You obvisously are not the person suited for the task at hand. You should and believe me you will, relinquish all development over to someone else, someone who is up to the task, someone who's coding skills are far from pristine, but at least has been fundamentally true to the coin and someone who has actually contributes something to the coin, my suggestion is dawallet.

    Furthermore, I want you to take the development wallet with all the shares and coins in it, that you have stolen from casino, and relinquish control over to dawallet. It is only fair that someone who knows about development be in control of said funds. You can ask Zeus as well and he will concur with this decision.

    As dawallet has said, the self proclaimed king should not be in a position of any leadership: someone who missuses escrowed funds that belong to the community, someone who tries to short the coin he says he believes in, or do you just believe that the coin buys nice vacations for you and Jenna?

    I promise you this, I will make it my mission to see you step down from that self proclaimed leadership position or believe you me, it will be taken forcefully away from you. No this is not a threat, this is life and a promise to you that you will no longer portray yourself as a leader of this coin based on your bad decision making abilities and personal agenda that does not coincide with the growth of this wonderful coin.

  • More empty promises from you and more bullshit. M2B has been months you are saying it will be released, well you know what: Shut the fuck up and put it up and then make your announcements. People are sick of hearing your lies and false promises especially on this matter which was a major contributing factor to your failed exit strategy attempt from BN to BT, hoping to get sympathy after people knew that you willingly dipped into escrowed M2B funds to execute coin shorting on polo and further destroying any hope that might have been left for this project.

    As for the asset explorer, wasn't this the same thing you were saying: The asset explorer, it is my gift to bitcoinstacks adam... So now we are stealing it? Do you not see how you are making yourself look like a complete idiot, hypocrite and in general someone that cannot be trusted.

    You shit all over BT and then praise BN, leave BN and now the opposite, you prais BT and shit on BN. Do you not think that people see through this hypocrisy?

    More on this during the Livestream today.

  • Once again, I am far from being annoyed, actually disgusted in you is the correct term. You are still acting like a spoiled brat, haha I have something and I'm not going to let anyone else in the schoolyard play with it. Guess what, I will assure that every single pool owner ouit there get a copy of the new pool code, complete with my instructions on how to setup and run the new pool code.

    Once again all bullshit coming out of your mouth. No core development is not at 75%, even the coders themselves are saying 30% so who are you trying to bullshit to? Oh right, you are trying to recoup some of your totally lost integrity and trust, but guess what, noone trusts you anymore crow, as your actions have more than spoke louder than words.

    you're in communication with multiple coders daily?

    I emplore you all to read the core wallet dev thread and see who actually is doing the work, and who crow is trying to step on to advance himself:

    Yes crowe, I told you I will not allow you to ride my coattails and claim my work as your own. You have done fuck all in the development and now you are trying to turn against me all the coders that I had been working with? Not gonna happen.

    You are the one who facilitates, gets people involved and coordinates? Hahahaha. I beg to differ, once again this is all the work that I put in, people can also see by watching the livestreams back on youtube, that it is me that got the team together, it is me that got core dev rolling, it is me that got the new ninja code dev up, it is my that was coordinating most of that stuff, and you claim it as your own?

    Once again, stay the fuck away from development, and stay the fuck away from marketing or promotion or anything else where you can be seen as the face of Burst since everyone here does not want to have a repeat of your self proclaimed leadership abilities with Qora and the fact that it is now delisted from polo. Once again, transfer control over to dawallet of both the development and of the BurstCasino dev wallet.

    I ask of the community to help put pressure so that this most important part gets done. Development of the coin should be in the hands of someone capable, who actually understands what's going on and is genuinely involved with the coin, not to some fruitcake gpu miner builder who is all over the place except for the coin and who does not have the coin's best interest in mind.

    More on crowe during the Livestream today

  • For me I don't want to have anything to do with Crow everything he has touch has never worked for me. I'm not a coder and never claim to be one. I just know what works and what does not

  • [10:14 AM] crowetic: add me because I want to feel special.


    I remember that... lol!!!