Tiberiu Selejan AKA Nameless

  • As a public service to all who have been conned by this individual, including those that have reached out to me to let me know that he has been using my site to solicit bitcoin for his "long term" or "short term to become long term" investment schemes and are still waiting on your funds or being contacted to keep adding more to the gypsy pot for even bigger action to come..... Meet your humble investment banker. Hell, this is his chance to be as public as I am, he should thank me, but... he probably won't

    Tibi Tiberiu Selejan

    Alias: Tibi


    I bet he has a facebook too, however I don't use it so can't be sure.

    He seems to be very fixated on insulting me about my weight, "fat" "you are fat" "fatass" etc however lets see exactly who is throwing these insults around, it's only fair.

    To be brutally honest here, just looking at those shitstained eye sockets, I have seen cleaner assholes with less brown on the stinkwrinkle on 20 dollar for a hollar street hookers.

    The reality here is, yes I am overweight, fat, however you want to put it and at anytime I choose, I have the option wide open to me to diet, more excercise etc and lose the weight. But Tibi here is stuck with asshole eyes and fucking ugly to boot, I mean you cant just lose ugly from dieting and excercise.

    That being said, I can feel for this romanian sewer dwelling son of a gypsy for hating on me so hard, knowing that he will look this way his whole life.

    Let's watch him tell us all about how assets ARE Crowdfunds here in this wonderful video he made when he first found the NXT community. After this video he launched several assets the following year under the name Mr.Slave and always had claimed another person was big in his scheme, kinda like he does nowadays with his mister grey story. However back in his Nxt days, the name he told people was usually "mike" not mister grey. Needless to say, he got many ppl to invest by using his gypsy methods his mamma taught him so well and when he had enough, he pulled an "I got hacked, lost everything" scheme and did not want to face the music so another account was created to go on the forum and post as his "friend" to tell everyone he was not coming back because the hack affected him so much. Poor guy, but wait what happened to all who invested in those assets he issued? It's crypto though, who the fuck cares, move onto the next community (pun intended) and rince repeat. If any of you care to read about the adventures, look up his old assets that went "poof" called kappa and SPEC on the NXT platform.

    At least I made some good money off this guy when he was around, he threw several million of his "402" asset into my wallet as a gift and when I said, this is worthless, I cant get anything for it even if I wanted to sell them, I was assured that would change. Wow and change it did, he managed to use his gypsy skills to convince one of the largest players in burst to put 10's of millions of burst on the buy book and then let me know about it and of course I sold them all and got a cool 4,000,000 burst for them in 10 seconds selling right into this "whale" he convinced to put those massive buy orders on the book. Tibi really likes giving millions of his asset shares away, thing I am wondering is, doesen't that severely DILUTE the asset's value? I dunno, maybe I missed that while learning about investment stratagies.

    Welp, anyhow, back to work for me, hope you all enjoyed the post and more to come.

  • Can we move past the drama? I know you like to obliterate your enemies, all competitive people do, but I think it'd be great if we could kill this beef ASAP so we can all focus on moving forward as a coin. Just to be clear here I am not taking anyones 'side'. I just think this beef that is going on is dangerous. I want us to keep the burst community a happy place :)

  • The fact that Crow's criminal actions will only end up affecting his pocket even further and his slag of a girlfriend will be a single mom again real soon when he can't afford to be the man of the house anymore. Back before I had so many resourses I would just beat someone's face in for showing me disrespect and spreading lies about me, however these days I realised that the power that one posseses to completely send someone to the bottomless pit of dispair where they have nothing left and give up on life is to go to their pocket and make them lose everything. I do not threaten people's lives, I do not break laws to avenge or teach them lessons, there are more than enough legal ways to completely destroy all that a man has and right now, its not the best times for the guy, already in the hole bigtime, so it will just be so much easier for me. The community will see that I care about people who tried to supress BURST PRICE from growing and then when they got rekt, they try to start all this drama hoping that the price will drop because of it.

    Peasants forget though that you are going to need a FUCKTON of wealth to keep the price of burst down now, which you do not have.... who's gonna help u, Mister Grey?

    Good luck.

  • Now we all see how Adam 'plays'. As DIRTY as possible... Anyone who wouldn't like to see the same thing happen to them, I would suggest not having ANY dealings with Him in the future.

    I'd say aggressive instead of dirty. As to your comment about not having any dealings with him, I haven't seen any form of bad cooperation with people behaving normally. My advice would therefor be (and which is the lesson which should be learned here) is don't do fucking stupid things like shorting burst with escrow money....