O.G BURST GADGET Now Live! 514 TerraByte Mining Farm Pumping out Burst Coins 24/7! Be a part of the Mining Experience!

  • you at least, will still have your rig to resell or mine Chia Coin by the end of the year. So, it's still a win for you no matter what.

    Not too shabby ya, in the description of the offering i made sure that it was known that the mining hardware was already owned by myself before even launching it for the members to get in on the mining payouts. Once there are no more coins being mined, then there will obviously be no coins to distribute. Im left with my hardware to do whatever with and thank everyone for taking part in the longest running local style community cloud mining action.

    Had I launched a crowdfund to raise money to buy harddrives to set up a mining rig or promoted it as owning a piece of the hardware, then I would sell off the hardware or use it for something else profitable if there would be and keep the flame alive or re-lite it at least.

    Im confident we should have several months left with payouts that will outweigh the electricity bill and all that.

    Much luv to all that joined in on the community action.

  • Hi Adam,

    I think the asset would be more profitable when joined to a pool then solo?

    Might you consider joining it on the space-pool? Currently the gaps between blocks are huge, and when in a pool you'd be looking at 250Burst each other day steady income (+ higher when a block is forged by the asset).

    Thanks for considering this.


  • PAyment coming shortly guys!

  • Only 5k burst was mined, about $55 worth , so no way to payout at such a loss, this is the first time ever that the og gadget has become useless at this point after a solid 2 year run.

    At least it goes down in the history books as the longest running and always paying every single payout date asset that ever existed on the blockchain. Of course it had to be mine, since I make epic things happen.

    It's been a slice but it's dead now.

  • I must admit I'm deeply disappointed too...
    My smaller sized miner did mine about 4k BURST in a week on space-pool... so it's hard to believe the pumpin' OG only did 5k in a month.
    I also vote for a re-activation of the asset on a pool... or at least a buyback of the shares for a "clean dissolve" of the asset (and not a shutdown and run with the money, a practice others in the crypto world have been accused for!)
    Even if you buy back the shares, you still earn money... and can sell the hardware to recup even more!

    just my $.02