poolofd32th.club information and updates

  • This is for the pool http://poolofd32th.club

    big s/o to Focus , crowetic & manfromafar for the help getting this set up.

    This pool is a little bit bigger, a lot of you know the .ninja pool style so this is the main reason for this update.

    the other pool will remain online for at least another two weeks, though after tomorrow ill be stopping the asset promo and transferring that to this pool.

    promos will still be usable on this pool, active promos will be posted below.

    after the first ten miners transfer over ill wait an hour and do a 5k burst rain.



    .ninja (obviously)

    pool fee is down to 1% instead of the old 1.6

    highest deadline accepted == 2 week

    recommended plotsize == 2TB

    Burst Address Mining Port Recommended size Fee Auto Payout Reward Penalty Creation Date
    BURST-E925-FACX-C2X8-49772 8124 2TB 1% 300burst/24hrs 60/40 no 4/12/17


    Promo #1 Blockfinder: For the first 300 blocks we win the blockfinder will receive a (1) casino asset per block found! These are currently valued at over 450 burst/asset! And have a very nice ROI depending on how the casino does. There are no maximum number of receives for this reward, if you are the blockfinder for the next 278 blocks the pool finds then you will receive all 278 assets available! I will be following the pool fairly closely but please do comment if you found a block so that I can make sure of everything. Please do allow for up to 24 hours for the asset to be sent due to the fact that I could be asleep or at work and not be able to see it until I get back.

    Promo #2 Referrals: For every miner that you refer you will receive 50 burst! I will do a short verification process and then send the burst! (MUST MESSAGE ME FOR THIS PROMO)

    Promo #3 New Member: 50 burst for every member that joins the pool after. (MUST MESSAGE ME FOR THIS PROMO)

    Update #1:

    manfromafar will be co-managing the pool in return for half of the pool fees. He has proven himself a valuable asset to me and i feel he will help greatly. Fees will be cut even and sent 1/2 to manfromafar and 1/2 to me at the end of each week.

  • Small error in the pool passphrase, has now been corrected. I sent out 1000 Burst to the miner that lost the block and I sent a bonus payment of 1000 Burst to all the miners on the pool, pool will distribute according to historical shares.