How long at this rate before mining is over?

  • mining reward reduces by 5% every month , even after all coins are mined you will still be able to mine for transaction reward's as all transaction fee's are added to the block rewards. currently its estimated that we will be fully mined no new burst created around 2027 or 2028 , we will hit minimal burst reward a few years befor that meaning less than 50 burst per block and will be earning more from transaction fee's than new burst created probly around 2024. with transaction fees added in mining post 2028 fully mined the amount of burst per block will directly depend on how many transactions took place on that block ... current rate is aprox 40 per block i would assume that number will grow by alot by that time


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  • Also by that time we should see Burst worth a lot more in price :) so it will still be worth mining even after all the coins have been mined.

  • HA ha, it is moving up up and up to the moon , already 17.50$ per 10k:)

    I think mining is always worthy

  • The point of the reduced supply is to make the value of the coin rise, and also make it more valuable...

    If 1000 Burst = $1.80 and then in roughly 14 months when half the amount of Burst is being rewarded, the value is then 1000 Burst = $3.60, does it make it any less valuable?? No, it's the same value. So, when Burst rises above 5% in value per month (on average), it's rising above it's 'expected' inflation rate......... Which, it HAS been doing.

    Actually, a 5% rise compared to the 5% decrease is deceptive.... you actually need a 5.26% increase to offset a 5% supply decrease, but, that's minimal.... Let's make it 6% or greater and be happy :)