Trophy recieved- LADIES OF BURST

  • Got a Trophy from Team bitcoinstacks,


    TWO OTHER WHO WON THIS ARE Estie Trixie and BurstBagLady .

    Great feelings,<3

    who else got what trophy?

    Hope all of you will get some trophies:thumbup:

  • why didn't i get that trophy?

    just look at my profile... i'm a girl, i'm 13 ... what more do i need in order to qualify?

    Ha Ha may be recently you became father( being a 13 year old girl) that's why, they are thinking what trophy will suit you most.,8o

    Hope soon they will create a perfect trophy for you:)

  • Congrats on your trophies ladies :)

    Thanks mate, what trophy you received dear?:)

  • No trophy for me lol I guess I'll have to work even harder to try and earn one ;)

    may be bit more harder,8o ha ha, you already got the highest points , next week you will get your trophy:)

  • Congrats ladies:love::love::love:

    Thanks , don't give up, yours trophy is awaiting for you,:)

    Wish you Good luck:thumbup: