pool.pingofburst.win Rewards & Promotions

  • Hey everyone, I have decided on a new course for the pool. The first blockfinder received 10k burst! Congrats to THOTH for mining that block! After the few blocks that we have won, I have decided to up the ante for blockfinder!


    Promo #1 Blockfinder: For the first 300 blocks we win the blockfinder will receive a (1) casino asset per block found! These are currently valued at over 450 burst/asset! And have a very nice ROI depending on how the casino does. There are no maximum number of receives for this reward, if you are the blockfinder for the next 295 blocks the pool finds then you will receive all 295 assets available! I will be following the pool fairly closely but please do comment if you found a block so that I can make sure of everything. Please do allow for up to 12 hours for the asset to be sent due to the fact that I could be asleep or at work and not be able to see it until I get back.

    Promo #2 Referrals: For every miner that you refer you will receive 50 burst! I will do a short verification process and then send the burst!

    Promo #3 New Member: 1000 bursts for every member that joins the pool between user 20 and 30. 50 burst for every member that joins the pool after. (MUST MESSAGE ME FOR THIS PROMO)

    Please view the Video at the bottom for more information!

    Pool Information:

    Pool: Mining Port:
    pool.pingofburst.win 8124

    View pool: http://pool.pingofburst.win

    Fee: 0% for first week! 1.6% after (1.5 + 0.1 dev fee)

    Fee: Users: Rec. Plot Size: Reward: Auto Payout: Code: Creation Date:
    1.6% 18 1GB+! verifying 250/blockfind LexPool 03/28/17

  • 2nd block has just been mined by the pool and we only have 19 people on the second day!

    Congrats with the second block:thumbup:

  • Nice! Congrats to the 1st person who gets the extra prize!

    Hey Superfriends!

    BOOM! Boom...and all that!

    It's ok, it's ok. Just let it happen, let it happen


    If you ask me for any type of free Burstcoins via tips, rain, assets, in public or in private, I will BAN you w/o warning!