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  • hey could you dm me having a major issue between a pool you co-own and the one I mine in its been a error 1004
  • Hello! I am the moon trying to sell Ham antenna on marketplace. But I wanted to try something and thats what I have. On this weeks live stream you spoke of improving Marketplace. One thing that I think is important is to allow the pricing of the item in fiat, and display the coversion to BURST besire it. Most products will be pretty stable in pricing in fiat, but my target of $59 for my antenna changes daily sometimes by thousands of BURST. It would be nice if the ad could be linked to a URL where it could be displayed with all the html bells and whistles. I am one of the old guys you mentioned. Enjoy BNR most of the time. Might be better with a less eclectic mix especially the screaming rock.(Grundge?). TuneIn radio was an idea I wanted to suggest so glad to see they took us in. Thanks!
  • I can't find the button to start a new topic in the forum. Can you help me? Thanks
  • What is the process like to get a Burstcoin asset to be approved by bitcoinstacks? Does someone submit a proprosal first or create the asset first? Many thanks in advance and I am looking forward for the completion of the setup for Uniburst also.
  • hEY Crow! Hope your kids are well and glad to see you taking care of them. I just wanted to stop by to ask how your trading was coming along. I heard you mentioning how you will be dishing us extra payments from your trading profits. Will this be included in the actual Uni3urst payment ifself 0r will they be dished out independently? Just trying to see what's gd!
  • hi i was baned an burst casino with any one giveing me reson why is it posibil to find out what i did?
  • Incredible platform here!
  • The monthly regarded burst coin diminish by 5%.Wont this affect the roi of the burst mining assets?
  • Crowetic can you please tell me what is the yearly roi of the said investments on your post?
    • The roi of the assets that you listed. Also is there risk in investing in them?
    • Hello Nick, there are always risks with every investment. If you're talking about UniBURST, it is difficult to give an accurate ROI right now, as it is still being built. So the profitability will be in constant flux for a while. My end goal for the asset, is to make it just as profitable as running the miners yourself, but without any of the fees. So I'm shooting for 75-100% per year, in returns. I think it should definitely be feasible. There's quite a lot that I have in hardware still that I'm goign to build, and I've got someone who is helping me to modify the cards, change their BIOS, reduce power usage, and increase hashrate, and at the same time I'm going to switch to ETH+DCR dual mining, which should provide quite a lot more in the mining returns. That, combined with BIG increases in the trade fund, which already has 4 BTC and growing, should definitely allow me to get the goals that I'm shooting for. Already, the payouts for the asset have never dropped below 1 million BURST per week, and topped out at nearly 2 million BURST per week (obviously the price of BURST rising so fast has affected the amount of coin that I'm able to purchase with the things that back the asset, but the growth of the asset should definitely accommodate for the growth of the coin. As far as reliability, you can see from my track record with running assets, that I've run the longest standing assets on BURST, and NEVER missed a payout. I stay in CONSTANT communication with the public, and always explain what I'm doing, and will even give specific details and answers to questions for them. I show video, pictures, and mining addresses for all of the mining, and I'm working on more detailed statistics pages for other portions of the assets, and to give the ability to track the payouts, current ROI, and things of that nature. I never drop a project, especially an asset that I've made promises with. I'm now a legendary member on Bitcointalk as well, and it has taken me 3+ years to build that account to that status, and I have one of the highest trust ratings on the forum, at the very least I'm in the top 5-10% as there are some members there with a lot more history than me, but I have NO negative ratings, ANYWHERE. I pride myself on my ability to hold to what I say over long periods of time, and make sure I ALWAYS accomplish what I set out to. If things don't work exactly as I think in the beginning, then I'll make modifications so that it can. Thanks for the question. :)
  • Crowe!!!, What's up??
  • Hi Crowetic, I have just a few shares of Byteent, Bursteam and BursTaker. I was wondering if it would make it easy for your restructuring, I'll trade them for Bsilver at whatever price you think is fair. I'll even take a little discount if you need to split those shares with others. Thanks.
  • Im trying to install the wallet on my mac and start mining off my hard drive. I can't get it to install please help
  • Have a question, starting from what amount of the same asset to start to have a percentage income because some that I bought like for example 5 on casino doesn´t have any percentage on income. thanks. I apologizes for my english.
  • hi I´m from Venezuela. I´m new in the world of cryptocurrency so I decided to invest on burstcoin. I bought some and bought without knowing some asset but i´m concern about the Debenture because it has no sell options. Could you help to understand what to do in that case. thanks
  • have you had time to look at the PM I sent you???
  • Hey Crow I was tring to create an asset not sure if it's going through please help.BURST-3QAP-GE42-MH7X-AGT88 Want to start trading larger volumes on poloniex this asset will be great I'm sure.thx
  • Hello, Crowetic! I live in Chicago, IL, USA. I am very excited to start this journey in the world of the Burst. I just bought 93'000 Bursts and my main strategies are to invest in Burst Assets and hold Burstcoins for long term. I was very happy when heard that Burst Nation team is looking presently to hire people and pay them in Burst -- a great opportunity to earn even more Bursts into my wallet. I can help with the following: (1) I know fluently both verbally and written 3 languages -- English, Russian and Romanian. So, I could spread the word of the Burst, besides English speaking countries, in countries like: Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Mongolia, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrghyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Romania, Moldova, Poland. (2) Offer some Social Media services. (3) Do some offline Burst related activities/errands if could be found any. etc........... Thank you very much for reading.
  • crutsy about 13 hours ago This is sad to see although not surprising. I'd like to do a surprise interview with crow about Adam. Catch him off guard, see what he has to say on film.
  • Hi Crowetic. Can you explain account leasing in burst wallet? what is this?
  • Lymos tell kepasica turdance meka is al beer ? Manta !
  • @crowetic, you check my msg about the 50k and the assets?
  • My asset post keeps getting deleted and I don't know why, please help
  • That's a link to all of my assets, information on them, plans for expansion, and brief overview. Links to mining addresses, miner names of BURST miners, etc.
  • There are no 'better payouts' on different pools, they're all very similar, I would give lexitoshi a shot.
  • Hello. I think I just heard you on the livestream. Thanks! Three Questions: 1) I have about 264 Burst. Just enough for one Uniburst. I bought one for 220. 2) I am mining 300gb. I am in a Pool, but do you have any suggestions for Pools with better payout. I'm currently averaging maybe 10 Burst a day. Is that average with 300gb? 3) I heard there was an "Affiliate" program that rewarded in Hard Drives???? Any other tips to help a noob start accumulating and circulating Burst? Thank You!
  • where can i find your asset? I just saw your new rig is there anyway to buy a piece or do you have any asset available?
  • Please Delete my account and all details thankyou
  • Been mining for 3 days and nothing yet...BURST-3QAP-GE42-MH7X-AGT88