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  • HI i am new to this i have Burstcoins in Bittrex but am not able to transfer funds to Burstwallet can any one help me so that i can start my mining please my address: BURST-GCHK-SBYC-F3X8-HHP6M
  • Hey Estie :) How is your mining going? getting many Burst coins?
    • It is great :) I am now on mobile pool. I must of missed a announcement, because ping old pool closed. I am still mining with my 750 GB. As soon as I buy some more capacity I will join you and the big kids, on the bigger pool. ;) For now, I am making some BURST and if the price keeps going up... well even if it is not much, they are worth a lot. Every BURST gained, is a BURST in my wallet! How is your mining going? Are you still hitting up faucets?
    • Glad to hear it Estie :) The mobile pool is a great little pool to start out and you never know you might get lucky and mine a block ;) That's right every little Burst adds up in the long run. Yeah it's been great as we mined another block last night which now makes it 9 blocks mined so far :D Yes I am still claiming from faucets as the income I get from them goes into buying more assets but I can only buy the cheaper assets like MTMGaming, Lex4all and 402. Great to see you around as I haven't seen you for the last few days.
    • That is awesome 9 blocks, WOW! I can't wait to go and play with the big kids. :D I haven't hit a block yet, but I get deadlines. I want to hit the faucets more so I can convert it to BURST, but the ones I found are so low, it is discouraging. :( Can't wait to talk to you about your faucets. :) I have also been stacking up my 402 and MTM. 402 is a great investment asset and MTM is just going to go up, up, up. I can't wait to get a bit better at trading, make a bit more BURST, sell it to get more capacity so I can mine more BURST. :D Ah, the cycle of BURST :D
    • Yeah not bad for a small miner of just 11.2TB in a pool that has close to 700 miners so we are doing pretty well at the moment but we are wanting to get up to 15TB which hopefully we be in a couple of weeks. Glad to hear your getting deadlines which helps earn you some Burst in the pool :) I'll send you a pm to see which faucets you do use and I can put you onto some good ones. I agree 402 and MTM assets are great investments for the long term and are super cheap right now, yeah trading can be tricky at first but once you get the hang of it you should start making some profits. :D
    • Hello Estie!! I'm new in the website. I just got everything set up and I'm already bursting. should i go solo or join a pool? I'm not sure who to talk to. Thank you in advance!
  • Yes I liked you
    • Great, I am happy I was able to help and that you are getting around the site easier. Can't wait to see you around and keep reading your texts. Keep it up guys! :) Here is a like to a video that show how to navigate the BURST Nation site. I really think you are going to like it. Remember guys, we all started somewhere and the BURST Nation citizens are all there to help. ;)
  • Congrats on your new trophy Burst Nation radio loyalty trophy ;)
    • Thanks, I never though that by getting into BURST and BURST Nation I would become so addicted and get trophies! LOL! :D I really hope they give you one as well. I read your're posts and like I said before they are always a great help. Looking forward to seeing you in the trophy room,King of Posts. :)
    • You're welcome :) Yeah it is very addicting in here lol Thanks :)
  • This lady of burst can type faster than any man or woman on the internet!!! LOL!!! (This is actually real) Slow down Estie! slow down!!! Love it!!!
    • Thank you JA! :) I will never stop!!! Now that I am learning all about trading and mining... I will be even more helpful and crazy quick! Love you bro! :)
  • Your absolutely right. We can do it?
  • You've been great support, thanks for watching the video, I also checked out your article on the mini rig, I hope you get one, I forwarded that on to my Brother in law, very cool, Ron
    • Cool, I am really happy you joined and I loved your video. I will be sure to follow them and share them. Keep it up! :)
  • Hey, how do we follow someone? I can't seem to find a tab on your site, Thanks, Ron
  • Hey, thanks for the comment, how long have you been with burst?
  • like and follow cheerz
  • I'm doing the same now too! Thank you!
  • Hey there Trixie. How about we follow each other? It will likely be beneficial to throw some ideas at each other from time to time.
  • Have a lovely weekend!
  • Any idea when noobee will start?
    • Sorry I was away, all human weekend! But I saw that it started yesterday. I just cough up by reading everything. :)
  • Hey! dropping by to say hi! ,,So i see you tell me that you invest more..thats cool am just starting to invest on the assets checking them out interesting :D
  • Thank, can't wait to get started!
  • Welcome to bitcoinstacks!