Blago's Miner 1.170601

The latest version of Blago's Miner that solve some issues and is more stable.


added avx2 support (more 30% faster than avx)

added reconfirmation unconfirmed deadlines

Wake Up! changed to 3 mins

some code refactoring

little bugs fixed

miner-v1.170601.exe - for all CPU (x64)

miner-v1.170601_AVX.exe - for all CPU with support AVX

miner-v1.170601_AVX2.exe - for all CPU with support AVX2

  • Am i the only one that has had the miner crash on them ? I mead don't get me wrong i love the new update it seems faster but i will be using it for a few hours and the miner will crash. Is there a way for me to fix it or do i need to weight for the next update or hotfix ?
    • Yeah i get the same problem
    • To prevent crash set in the config file: ShowWinner: false, Debug: false :)
    • Ok i will try and get back
    • Now my problem is that the speeds are way slower and it is not even worth it. It went from 95 first block to 45 to 20. And i know that it is not a debug problem because when i time it out it is way longer...
    • Whereas it would have taken 20 seconds it takes 38 ad 2 or minus 2 seconds.